Wednesday, March 9, 2011

W 3/9 - Melanie - Equilibrium

First thing we did was pick up 4 journal sheets. They were all a part of one lab, Le Chatelier's Principle and Equilibrium. It included the pre-lab, data, and post-lab sheets.

Mr. Tucker will not be in class on Thurs, March 10 and Fri, March 11. WE WILL STILL HAVE THE UNIT 11 TEST ON MON, MARCH 14.

Mr. Tucker stamped journal pages 4 (Le Chatelier 1) & 12 (Equilibrium 2) for completion. We then went over the answers

don't forget:

on journal page 4, remember when something is increased or decreased, you do the opposite.
EX: 2a) oxygen gas is removed (THAT MEANS IT NEEDS TO BE ADDED) therefore you go to the right.

K=[P]/[R] (product/reactant)
[concentration is in brackets]

Then after we completed the Le Chatelier's Principle and Equilibrium Lab together as a class. We read the pre-lab together and Mr. Tucker dropped the different substances into the CoCl2 and we wrote down the observations that we had, the color changes that occurred.

We then answered some of the post-lab questions as a class as well.

At the end of the period Mr. Tucker passed out the Unit 11 Study Guide.

HOMEWORK: Start studying, if you have trouble with any of the concepts go to the TLC for help.

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