Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday 3-21- Olivia- Thermochemistry

Today we started off class with picking up a lab and our homework. Mr Tucker than checked in the 10 minutes of homework we were to do last Thursday night. We then went through questions anyone had from the homework. It was page 2 and we went over number 4, 5, & 7.

To the left is the picture of the homework, but below is the picture of what we went over, step by step, in class.

After this, we did our first quiz of the unit, Heat Quiz. It was based on what we learned from last week before the chem day.

this quiz was 15 points and can be made up by Thursday.

The Unit Eleven test is on Friday March, 15th, so if you will be gone on that day for Spring Break, Mr. Tucker strongly suggests you take it before Spring break.

Finally, for the last five minutes of class, we went back to our lab tables and began the lab by heating the water that was initially 50 degrees Our homework for tonight is page 4 Heat Calculations 3 that we picked up in the beginning of class.

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