Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday 3/24 - Mike - Thermochemistry Review

Since it is the end of the third quarter, we started off class by eating all the food that everybody brought in for this quarter's food review today. After everybody was done eating, Mr. Tucker stamped our homework that was due today. Below you can see pictures of the homework, done step-by-step.

After stamping the homework, Mr. Tucker reviewed problems from all three pages with us in class. Following this review, we proceeded to discuss and take notes on energy diagrams. Below you can see a picture of the notes we took in class.

After taking notes there was only ten minutes left in class, so Mr. Tucker let us work on two review sheets on our own in class. Below you can see pictures of the review sheets, done step-by-step with work.

The homework for tonight is to STUDY FOR OUR TEST TOMORROW.

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