Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ellie-Tuesday, 3/7

Today in class we...
1) Picked up 4 journal pages and a short reading
~The four journal pages were "Frayer Charts", "Equilibrium Notes", "Equilibrium 2"(page 12), and "Le Chatelier 1"(page 4)
~The reading was on equilibrium
2) Read through the short reading. Used the reading to fill in The Definition, Picture, Non-example, and Example on the "Frayer Charts" journal page.
3) Went over Frayer Charts and had people come up to the projector and show their examples/pictures.
4) Went through the Equilibrium Notes, and went through how to solve if you shift to left (reverse) or right (forward)
More/Less Products:
Add more AB, shift left
Take away AB, shift right

More/Less Reactants:
Add more B, shift right
Take away A, shift left

Lower the temp., shift right
Increase the temp., shift left

Increases pressure, shift right
Decreases pressure, shift left

5) Moved on to Number one on the journal page "Equilibrium 2"

1. 2 NH3(g) <----> N2(g)+3H2(g) K=6.56 x 10^-3
In an equilibrium mixture of the gases above [N2]=0.045M and [H2]=0.0056M. Find [NH3].

K=[N2] x [H2]^3

6.56 x 10^-3
.00656= .045M x (.0056)^3

.00656= .045 x .000000176

X^2 x .00656 .000000008
----------------- = ------------------
.00656 .00656

Square root of x^2=square root of .00000125

6)Did number one on Le Chatelier 1
a. carbon dioxide is removed- right
b. water vapor is added-right
c. the pressure is increased-NS

7) Was assigned homework: to do numbers 2 and 4 on Equilibrium 2 and numbers 2 and 3 on Le Chatelier 1

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