Thursday, March 17, 2011

3/17/2011 Thursday

Today we started class by picking 2 sheets(thermochemistry/ Energy notes) and we got a worksheet at the end of the class. when you do your worksheet you are supposed to time yourself in 10. You get your hands off of your worksheet when 10 minutes is over. Mr. Tucker stamped the homework which was the post-lap.

- Temperature : Average kinetic energy of the particles in a substance(oC,oF,K). oF is out because we are not going to use it.

-Heat is transfer of energy(Joules)

Endothermic:something gains heat

Exothermic - something loses heat.

-For oC, H2O is always 4.18

- Then, we went over couple of problems which is about THermochemistry.

- This is the homework.

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