Wednesday, March 16, 2011


-Today we started class by picking up three sheets from the front. The first sheet was called, Heating Curve of Water Lab and this was the prelab questions, the second sheet had the procedure for the lab, and the third sheet was graph paper.

- Before we did anything Mr. Tucker talked to the class about the schedule for this unit (it is up on moodle!). We have a chem day this friday. Next thursday we will have the quarter three food day, Mr. Tucker will talk more about that. Also, thursday next week we are reviewing for the test ( WHICH IS ON FRIDAY!).

- After we discussed the scheduale for this unit, Mr. Tucker gave us some time to look through the prelab questions that we picked up in the begining of class, and told us to think about the questions and answer all six of them.

This is what the prelab questions look like (the whole sheet has 6 questions)

- After we answerd the questions on our own, we went through the questions as a class.

- Afterwards, Mr. Tucker told us that we are going to be doing a lab today and he explained the procedure.

- We had to fill a 400 ml beacker with 200 ml of water and place 10 icecubes into it.

-Then we stired the icecubes in the water for one minute and recorded the temperture of the water

- Next, we placed the water on a hotplate that was turned onto 10, and heated the water.
It was important not to touch the hotplate or the thermometer.

-We had to keep stirring the water and recording the temperture of the water every minute, untill the water started to boil.
- While we were doing this we had to record the data and observations on the second sheet we picked up at the begining of class.

This what that sheet looked like (on the bottom of the sheet we had to write the conclusion, which are two postlab questions).

Finally, with the time remaining at the end of class, we had to make a graph from the data we collected from this lab. We used the graph paper we picked up in the begining of class, to make this graph.

This is what the graph paper looks like
Homework: Finish the graph
Finish the 2 Postlab Questions

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