Friday, March 11, 2011

Thu, Kin./EQ Practice / Tucker

Chemistry Practice ANSWERS:
Math Skills:
From top left to right
1.  2.22
2.  125
3.  8
4.  1.17E-5
5.  1.33
6.  0.942
7.  10
8.  0.868
9.  7.13E-5
Reading for Information:
a)  about 98.6F, Homeostasis…like hair and shivering
b)  about 98.6F, Homeostasis, like sweating
c)  Yes, body keeps changing in response to external conditions
d)  House heats up, thermostat increases, air conditioner turns on, House cools down, Thermostat decreases, air conditioner turns off
e)  Body changes OPPOSITELY in response to stresses(changes) on it…it tries to fix itself.
Data Interpretation:
a)  Temp, Time
b)  Amounts of A and B
c)  about 1-2seconds
d)  Inverse, as T goes up, time goes down
e)  Cannot predict, A may not react with C
Unit 11 Problems Broken Down:
a.  K=  [P] / [R]
b.  K = [NO2]2 x [Br2] / [NOBr]
2c)  NOBr-  109.9g/mol,  NO- 30g/mol, Br2-  159.9g/mol
d)  NOBr-  0.910 mol,  NO- 0.333 mol, Br2- 0.625 mol
e)  5L
f)  mol / L
g)  NOBr-  0.182M,  NO- 0.0667M, Br2-  0.0125M
h)  K=  0.00168
a)  double arrow
b)  forward reaction = reverse reaction, concentrations of reactants and products are constant
c)  +, reactant side…….do not worry, I will always tell you what side the heat is on for now
d)  2mols reactant, 3 mols product
e)  More,  Less
g)  add SO2, right, SO2 and O2, SO3, more moles gas, increase
h)  decrease O2, left, SO3, SO2 and O2, less moles gas, decrease
i)  decrease temp, right, SO2 and O2, SO3, more moles gas, increase
j)  increase pressure, right, SO2 and O2, SO3, more moles gas, increase

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