Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today in class we received 6 sheets of paper.
-4 pages of notes on solutions
-2 pages to mixture lab

Next Mr. Tucker talked about the journal quizzes from yesterday, and about the Stoichiometry exams. He also handed back the lab tests. Your group needed to turn in both the pages (data page and lab exam page) for full credit.

Then we started working on the Mixtures lab as a class. Mr. Tucker had 4 different liquid mixtures on his desk and he did 4 tests on them to determine what type of mixture they are (explained later in solutions notes).

First, as a class we examined the color and clarity of each of them.

First was milky color and clarity
Second was transluscent and dyed light blue.
Third was very muddy and murky and completely opaque.
Fourth looked identical to water.

The next thing we did to determine what type of mixture each of them was, was shake them up.

First stayed the same
Second stayed the same
Third got dark brown after shaking, but then went back to brown.
Fourth stayed the same

Third thing we did was shine a flashlight through them and see if light went through.

First- didn't go through
Second- went through
Third- Didn't go through
Fourth- Went through

We did the same with a laser pointer and the results were the same as well.

Next we went back to our lab stations with our groups and filtered each substance through filter paper.

First- Were the same before and after filter.
Second- Were the same before and after filter
Third- In the unfiltered water and also in the filter tiny chunks of dirt were still apparent, but not in the filtered beaker.
Fourth- Were the same before and after filter.

We then made a data table over all of the data we received.

After we did the lab we sat back in our seats and went over the Solutions Notes sheets.
Here is a picture of what notes we took in class.

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