Thursday, February 10, 2011


**Optional: You can go to the TLC and review one of you quizzes with a tutor and you can earn the opportunity to take another quiz to earn your extra points. Also Mr. Tucker has practice tutorials in the science office, they can also be picked up in the TLC**

1)At the beginning of class we picked up two sheets, page 35, and the review for the unit. We are supposed to continue to work on page 33-35.

2)We started off class by continuing the lab test for chapter 8 we worked on yesterday. You should have noticed that the nails turned from silver to black and the CuCl2 changed to a brownish orange color. When you massed the four nails all at once you should have gotten about 1.83.

3)Then we went over quiz 5 which was on limiting and excess reactants.

4)Next, we learned a new topic called % yield. Mr. Tucker mentioned that this is one of the easiest topics of this unit and not to stress out about it to much. To figure out a percent yield there is a simple equation listed below.

<-------This is the work for question number 1 on page 35.

5)Lastly, we finished class by taking quiz 6.

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