Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday 2-22 Erick

To Begin class today we went over the lab test from Friday and went over many different ways to solve the problem. To Refresh on Friday we were given salt and asked to create a solution with a .15 molarity. One of the ways that was brought up was to use a sample volume and calculate the number of mols. Here's a different way to solve the problem.

.15M= Mol’s Liters 1.5 g NaCl 1mol

58.44 g NaCl 1.5/58.44

.15M= .o2567mol/ x



After we went over the different ways to solve the lab quiz we were given a sheet to complete on chemthink. To get to the lab go to chemthink click labs chemical reations labs and then click Precipitate lab.

After we briefly went over the lab we took notes on the rules of solubility.

Compounds always Soluble in water

Unless they have this

Ammonium NH4

Potassium K

Sodium Na

Nitrate NO3

Chlorine CL

Ag Hg Pb

Acetate C2 H3 O2

Fe Al Hg2


Ca Ba Pb Sr Hg2

Compounds always insoluble

Unless they have this

Oxide O2


Carbonate Co3


Hydroxide OH

K Na Ba LI

Phosphate PO4

K Na NH4

Silicate SiO3

K Na

Sulfide S2

K Na NH4

Sulfite SO3

K Na NH4

The homework for the night was to Complete the lab on chemthink and to continue practicing solubility reatcions.

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