Thursday, February 17, 2011


We first picked up two new sheets at the beginning of class, they were about Molarity, and Dissolving.

Next, Mr. Tucker gave us a practice quiz to see how much we knew on the solutions notes from yesterday. The quiz was about comparing solutions, colloids, suspensions and pure substances and how to find out which is which using techniques such as;
  • Shining a Light
  • Shaking
  • Filtering
  • Heating
This is what the quiz was:
Next we finished our solutions notes from the solutions notes sheet:
Mr Tucker said that 99% of the solvents we will use will be water.
We then went on to do the dissolving notes:

Remember to make sure if it is an ionic or covalent bond so you know how it reacts. Also, when you are doing the drawings, DON'T FORGET to write H2O in the beaker.

Finally, our HOMEWORK was the 2nd sheet that we picked up at the beginning of class, it was about Molarity:
To get Molarity, you divide the mols by the liters. Make sure that you turn mL into L before doing the problem. Also, at the bottom of the sheet, we have to find the L. And to do this, we divide the mols by the Molarity.

HOMEWORK: Molarity 1 sheet

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