Monday, February 21, 2011

Fri- 2/18- Mackenzie

1. We began the day by picking up two sheets from the front. The first sheet was Molarity 2 and the second sheet was Reaction Stability 1.

Here is what they look like:

2. We went over the Molarity 1 worksheet that was assigned Thursday night for HW.


3. We did some problems on the Molarity 2 worksheet. Mr.Tucker said that you don’t need to do #2 but it will help you for a test. He also pointed out that Molarity is the same thing as concentration so when Molarity increases so does the concentration.



Reaction Solubility 1-

*They are all double replacement reactions

*Remember: First balance the charges then balance the coefficients.

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  1. Also, After going over Molarity 2 we had an in class Lab test. We were put with a partner and given the problem of finding a solution of 0.15 NaCl.