Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday 4/7 Maleh Acid Notes

The first thing we did this morning was grab two note shits labeled Gist and Acids/Bases. Next, Mr Tucker handed us a reading guide that was supposed to go with the fist note sheet "Gist"

He assigned every four people a section to read and take notes in. After the group took notes they were supposed to regroup and discuss the passage. If you did not get the Gist sheet it looks like this......
To sum up the purposeof this class activity, it was to get a basic understanding of Acids and Bases. It explained some properties of acids the different types of acids and it explained properties of bases as well.

After we discussed with our group the article Mr. Tucker checked in our homework from the night before which was the ven diagram that showed the differences and similarities of Acids and Bases.

Next, Mr. Tucker gave us an intro to what acids are by showing us a sweet clip from Fight Club which depicted Jack the protagonist getting a strong acid burned on his skin. Mr. Tucker also stressed the importance of wearing safety goggles as Brad Pitt did in the movie.

After this intro, Mr. Tucker jumped right into the notes. We first discussed the properties of Acids which includes the taste(sour) what it reacts with and what it can create in water. We also talked about what happens when acids dissociate in water. An example of what it looks like is: HCl-----> H^+ + Cl^- More examples are shown in the pictures at the bottom of the page. The notes also included the property of bases. He informed us that the taste is bitter, it turns litmus paper blue and creates OH- in water. He also told us what happens when bases dissociate in water, like acids the break down as so: NaOh------> Na^+ + OH^-. We finished up the class with the last part of the section by talking about weak and strong acid bases. We concluded that strong acids and bases dissolve in water, and that weak acids and bases partially separate in water. Mr. Tucker gave us pictures of what it looks like and that will be shown also in the pictures below.

Mr. Tucker concluded the class by informing us that we have a quiz tomorrow on the notes and sent us home with the only homework to study and finish up the hand warmers lab reportwhich you can find on Mr. Tucker's moodle page

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