Wednesday, January 26, 2011

W-1/26 Stoichiometry Maleh

The first thing we did today in class was pick up four lab sheets for the mole lab we were going to do later in the period. Next, Mr. Tucker thoroughly explained how to access the chem blog from his moodle and told us what had to be on it to recieve the best grade. After reading through not only his, but Demetria's we began to relearn some of the basic mole concepts we had learned earlier in the week. We first reviewed the helpful chart he handed out to us:

After Mr. T explained in detail how to use the chart we began to work on some of the practice problems we had from Tuesday in class.

After completing three or four problems from the worksheet Mr. Tucker believed we had a descent understanding of the information being given so he sent us back to start working on the lab we received today during class.
If you missed the lab some of the basic information that was given that you need to know is:
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1.49 is the mass of Aluminum foil
Mass of carbon rod is 3.69
Volume of H2O is 24.0
Mass of HCL in dropper bottle is 54.96
Volume of the aluminum bar is .625
Mass of balloon is 16.4
Mass of air in balloon is .14

Overall it was a very beneficial day and a lot of info about Moles were learned.

Review Notes
Mole quiz Thursday

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